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Dover Clip Art Samples

Its hard to find good free clip art on the internet. The websites that have good clip art want to charge an arm and a leg to use their clip art. Even then, you are only buying limited rights to use them. I think that’s why I really like the books from Dover Publications. They publish clip art books on every imaginable subject. Their images are royalty free, which means you can use them for whatever purpose you wish. You can find Dover books in almost any bookstore next to the art section. Many times, they come with a CD ROM so you don’t have to spend all of your time scanning in the pictures.

Wanna try before you buy? Well you can. Dover offers free samples delivered to your email box every week. They’ll send you a link where you can download a bunch of samples from a variety of books. The samples change weekly, so you’ll always have new stuff to look at and perhaps spark an idea or two. You can sign up here.

If you’d like to purchase a few of these books, take a look at our webstore. You’ll find great deals and any purchases help support SSG. You can find our Dover clipart books here.

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  • John Trimmer

    I found this site Contains a lot of stuff, has a viewer to download if you want, or you can browse online. It’s all open source.
    Seems to be for word processors, haven’t tried to load anything into Coreldraw. If you had to print in from a document, oh well. Saw lots of images for making patterns.

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