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Woodworkers of all walks of life all share one addiction…an addiction to tools. We’re always on the lookout for that new cool tool, whether we can use it or not!

I came across this miniature jigsaw the other day and I couldn’t resist writing about it. This jigsaw easily fits in the palm of your hand and intended for delicate/intricate work. Bundle it with the power feedback transformer, this little tool will increase it’s power when the load gets a little heavy. It looks promising, opening up possibilities for larger work. Or perhaps it can be used to cut down larger stock. Check it out. I’m sure your imagination will run wild too. While you’re there, be sure to sign up for their catalog. Micro-Mark specializes in small tools, perfect for woodcrafters and model builders.

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  • Allison White

    Howdy Travis, I saw your comment and I thank you. I took your comment as an opportunity for me to write about you and Lumberjocks again. I am so glad you are still stopping by, PEACE!!!

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