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Last month, I wrote an article about how hand-made toys will soon become a thing of the past. Why? Because selling or donating handcrafted toys will be illegal without expensive certification. Thousands of small businesses will be closing their doors as of Feb. 10, 2009 simply because they cannot afford the 3rd party certification the ‘big boys’ do. From stay-at-home moms making dolls to sell at craft shows, to small cottage industries who sell online and to boutiques. Charities will be affected too. You can no longer donate handcrafted toys, a practice many crafting organizations take part in every Christmas.

The bill has already been passed and will go in effect on Feb. 10, 2009. But there’s still some hope. Ideas For Change In America will be presenting the top 10 ideas directly to President Elect Obama just before inauguration day. The Hand Made Toy Alliance has offered their ideas and are currently in 6th place. If you value hand made toys, or are a crafter who may be affected by this bill, please offer your support to the Hand Made Toy Alliance. You can do so by voting to include this bill in the discussion with President Elect Obama. The Vote Now button is in the upper left corner of the page next to the proposal.

You can read more about the Hand Made Toy Alliance on their official website. You can also refer to my previous article “No More Handmade Toys.” Be sure to sign their online petition on their website too. Every bit of support will help.

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