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Create A Dog Portrait Pattern in Photoshop – pt 2 of 7

This is part 2 of the continuing series where I convert a photo of a beloved pet into a scroll saw pattern using Adobe Photoshop.  We pick up right where we left off and work on the eyes, the forhead, and a little on the left side of the face.  For those interested, I’ve included the original photo along with the finished pattern so you can see where we started and where we ended.

If you have any questions regarding the techniques I describe, please let me know by posting a comment or asking in the forums.  On with the show!


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  • Debbie

    I love the videos, however, I have a question…
    I have adobe, but when I move my picture to the new file and try to enlarge it, I can’t. I can move the picture but I am not getting the edge to be able to stretch the picture.

  • I’m assuming you can’t see the handles to enlarge the picture? If so, when you have your layer selected with the selector tool, look in your tool options (at the top of the screen) and select “Show Transform Controls.” You can also press Ctrl+H.

    I hope this helps.

  • mike

    watched the first two the first two videos. will have to go back to the first one to learn about the tools. My wife had someone put photo shop 4, I think on my computer. I played around one day and found photo copy and stamp and played with contrast and such. when I thought I had it the best I could I printed it out and then drew in bridges and such plus paying close attention while cutting. I have eight grandkids and I cut a portrait of each of them for christmas presents. Anyway I think I will like the layer thing so i can work on it that way. Somewhere I read that you could hit a fill button or something and it would fill the pattern with color,of your choice, and any area it didn’t fill would be a floater and ou would have to create a bridge for it. anyway thanks and I hope to watch the remaining videos.

  • jeff

    how do you view vidoes photoshop on a smart phone

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