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Homemade Spray Booth

homemade-spray-boothMy wife hates it when I spray finish my projects indoors.  She doesn’t like the smell and she worries about what’s floating around in the air.  Most of the time, I have to wait for her to go shopping.  Then I bolt downstairs with my spray can in one hand and an arm full of projects in the other and hope the smell dissapears before she gets home.

It would be great if I could find a way to finish my projects indoors without anybody being the wiser?  If I only had a spray booth.   Well Paul Adamson from Military Modeling has a great tutorial on how to make a small spraybooth out of materials you can find off the shelf.  Best of all, its small enough to store out of sight when you don’t need it.  He includes a detailed description of the process, along with several photographs.  Check it out.  It might be the next tool you need in your arsonal (and keep you out of the doghouse too).

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  • Kent

    Great Idea! I too would have to wait for the wife to leave on erands, charge into the basement for clandestine spray sessions. I eventually got caught and was given a choice; figure out how to paint without getting residue all over the basement, or scrap my modeling hoby.
    I put a dryer hose out the back of mine, with a couple of slices of furnace filter, and just ran the hose out the window!

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