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Making Scroll Saw Patterns with Inkscape – L4

Things are starting to get interesting in Lesson 4 of our continuing series as we learn to use Inkscape to create scroll saw patterns. This lesson, we discuss creating complex shapes using additive and subtractive tools to basic shapes. These tools are found under Path menu. We’ll be discussing Union, Difference, Intersection, Exclusion, Division and Cut Path. We’ll also touch briefly on Combine and Break Apart. Lesson 4 can be found here which includes this video, written instruction, downloadable source material, and classroom discussion where you can have all of your questions answered.
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  • Cathy

    I don’t know what I’m doing wrong? I’m trying to use the path division on lesson 4, but every time I place a circle on top of a square and then go to divsion to take out the circle nothing happens. Also when I use a clip art the clip art goes behind the square and disappears. What am I doing wrong?

  • With Division, remember that the top shape will cut through the bottom shape at the intersections and divide the bottom shape into two pieces. After performing the action, use your mouse and move your shape. You should notice its now two shapes. You should check out the written instructions too to see if that helps:

    With clipart, I’m guessing its clipart you found on the internet or off CD? If so, that clipart is probabbly a bitmap image. Inkscape only works with vector based images. You’ll have to convert the bitmap into a vector before using it. You can find instructions on how to make a b/w picture into a vector image at:

    I hope this helps. Drop by Scroll Saw Village if you run into any other problems. Lots of folks are available to help out.

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