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Square Credit Card ReaderAs crafters and artists, we get to the point where we start selling our work.  Either at craft fairs, or word of mouth.  But, since most of us don’t make a living at selling our work, options like accepting credit cards is practically non-existent.  Until now.  Square is a really neat credit card processing service that allows anybody to take credit cards.  This works especially well for crafters and artists who want to sell their work.  When you sign up, they send you a free credit card swiper that plugs into the audio jack of your smart phone (supports Android, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad).  Then you link your bank account to your Square account.  That’s it.  You’re open for business.

When you make a sale, you simply swipe their credit card.  You type in the amount, description and even take a picture of the product you’re selling.  Hit submit, and you’re done!  You can even email or SMS the reciept to the customer.

When Square processes the payment, they charge you 2.75% transaction fee (all credit card processors charge this if not more).  The next day, the money is transferred into your bank account.

Hardly anybody carries cash anymore.  Now you can say, “That’s OK.  I take plastic!”

Check it out!

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