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Creating Word Art with Inkscape

Word art patterns are popular with scrollers. They can quote a religious text, words of wisdom, funny sayings, or someone’s name.  Here’s a tutorial on how to create your own word art using Inkscape. I posted parts 1 and 2 below.  If you’re looking for written instructions, they can be found at Scroll Saw Village in this article.  Also, be sure to check our our selection of word art patterns.  Enjoy the show!



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    I am looking to have the “creating work art with ink scape” program so that i can make my owne patterns. but can’t find the site to download it. I was wondering if you could send me in the right directions. If i have to purchase it i will that’s no problem

    thanks in advance

    • Inkscape is free to download. You can find it at Have fun!

  • Arlene

    I tried your to space the letters and when I clicked on Alt key and tried to move it.. Nothing happened. I noticed that your Inkscape screen is different then mine. What version is that one. I don’t have the same tools that you do in the same places. Also I don’t have a lot of the Fonts that you have. It is hard to follow your instructions when I cant do exactly what you do. 🙁

    • In this video, I’m using v.48.

      Make sure you have your cursor between the letters (before you turn it into a path). Then hold down the alt key and use your arrow keys. That should nudge the letters close together.

      There may be a difference in where certain tools are located based on version. However, note that all those tools can be moved around to customize your layout. The tools and functionality should remain between versions. You’ll have to adjust according to your version.

      Font choices are unique to each computer. When I design anything, I look for fonts on the internet that best suites the design. Once I find them, I download them and install them on my computer. Here’s a nice list of font resources:

  • Arlene

    Path… object to path…. object ,.. ungroup.. >>>> nothing happens.. They are still in one group.

    • Select your object. At the bottom of the screen should tell you what you have selected. If it still says Text, then it hasn’t been turned into a path yet. If it says “Group of ___ objects”, that means it’s still grouped. Go to Object>Ungroup to ungroup the objects. If it says “___ objects of type Path”, it means that the group was successfully ungrouped. Deselect the group, then reselect the item you want.

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