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Wine Bottle & Glass Holder

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. I wanted a nice project that my wife and I could both enjoy. I came up with this simple wine and wine glass holder. The holder fits over the neck of the wine bottle and two wine glasses balance on each end. I’ve personalized the holder with our initials. This is a quick and easy project to share with that special someone in your life. You can find the pattern here.  Enjoy the show!


Build Instructions:

build01Once I have my pattern printed out, I just need to trim it to fit onto my board.  I’m using 3/4″ cherry for this project.

build02I sprayed the back of the pattern with spray adhesive.  I let that dry for a few moments until it’s tacky like a Post It Note.

In hindsight, I should have applied a layer of clear packing tape over the top of the pattern.  Cherry is notorious for burning.  The lubrication the tape provides would have reduced the amount of burning.

build04I drilled some pilot holes in the monogram area and the bottle neck area.  I also added a pilot hole just outside the pattern.  That way I can cut the perimeter and maintain the surrounding wood.  It makes it a little more stable as I cut.

build05I cut out the center hole first.  I’m using a #3 Scroll Reverse blade.  A #5 would work well here too.  You can also cut this hole with a hole saw or a large Forsner bit.  But cutting it with the scroll saw works well enough.

build03Now it’s time to cut the perimeter.  You can cut in from the outside edge of the board, but the long pieces tend to bounce around.   Instead, I used a pilot hole just outside the pattern.  I like cutting the perimeter maintaining the surrounding wood, which adds a lot more stability during the cut.

build06Here’s our final cutting.  I took extra care in getting sharp inside corners.

build07I spritz down the pattern with mineral spirits.  After a few moments, the pattern practically falls off.

build08Cherry burns really easy.  Here you can see the burn marks left behind from the scroll saw blade.  I should have added a layer of packing tape to the top of the pattern.  The tape will lubricate and cool the blade.

build09With my spindle sander, I remove the burn marks from the edge.

build10I used a roundover bit to soften up the edge of the wood.  Be careful at the openings where the wine glass stems go.  You have a good chance of blowout in those sections.  I also used a chamfer bit on the bottom edge of where the neck of the bottle sits.  The chamfer makes it sit on the bottle nicer.  It’s not necessary, but it works nice.

build11Then it’s back to sanding.  I used my random orbital sander to clean up the front and back.  I also did some hand sanding in areas that I couldn’t reach.  I also softened up some of the edges in the wine glass holders.

build12I used a star sander in the drill press to soften up the edges.

build13For the finish, I just used a satin clear acrylic spray.  I gave it about 4 coats.  Then I sanded it with some 0000 steel wool.  Then gave it another coat for a nice smooth finish.

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