Advertising on Scroll Saw Goodies

Scroll Saw Goodies offers advertising opportunities to companies and organizations whose product or service are relevant to the scroll sawing community.  The banner ad occupies the top right corner of each page on Scroll Saw Goodies and is included on Scroll Saw Village and Scroll Saw Wiki.   5 banner ads share the same space with an even 20% rotation.  We find that rotating ads provide better results and combat ‘Banner Blindness.’

We can provide basic statistics including ad impressions and clickthroughs upon request, however conversions are not tracked.

Banner ads are purchased quarterly and will be prorated accordingly.  Please contact us for our current rate card.

Other advertising oppetunities are also available such as contest sponsorship.  Please contact us for more information or to present us with your ideas.

Advertising Specs

Banner dimensions are 234×60.  Basic banner design services are available.  GIF and PNG format are the preferred file format.  Animated GIFs are accepted if they’re  not too large.  Flash and javascript based ads will not be accepted.