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Here are some of the Scroll Saw Goodies I found during my interwebbing adventures!

30th Anniversary Excalibur Scroll Saw

General International announced a limited edition version of their popular Excalibur Scroll Saw to mark their 30 years of making this outstanding product. Not only does it look amazing, all black and trimmed with gold, but they’re offering a few new features too! Probably their best feature is their dust collection system. Keep the scroll […]

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Child Safe Finish For Toys

With all the news of toxic chemicals in toys made over seas, child-safe finishes have become a hot topic.  Cynthia Lewman from Toymaker Press put together a really nice tutorial on how to make your own non-toxic, child safe finish for toys.  This finish will display the beauty of the wood, but won’t hurt the […]

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Stack Cutting and Painting Your Projects

Many of us are afraid of painting our projects.  You may not know where to even start.  Well, here is a really neat series by Sheila Landry.  She shows you each step of the way from preparing the pattern, stack cutting, and painting a snowman for a winter scene. You can find the pattern she’s […]

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DIY Scroll Saw

Short on cash, but still need a scroll saw?  Build your own!  Kurt built his own scroll saw based loosely on a Roy Underhill design.  He documented each step in an Instuctables tutorial.  Even if you don’t build your own scroll saw, it is really neat to see how to put one together.  You’ll definitely […]

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How to Build a Wood Toy Car

Natural wooden toys are becoming more and more popular, especially with the concerns of toxic materials in toys made overseas.  Here’s a neat video on how Sherman Francisco builds a toy car that he and his club donates to Toys For Tots.  He’s using the Ripsnorter pattern from Toymaker Press.  Be sure to check Toymaker […]

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Wood Toxicity Chart

As woodworkers, we are in awe of exotic and unusual species of wood.  We scramble to find the right project for this wood.  However, not all woods are safe to use.  Many species can trigger allergic reactions when exposed to these woods.  Wood allergies can range from minor discomfort to life-threatening reactions.  Here’s a Wood […]

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Scroll Saw Chat

Scroll Saw Village has added a live chat feature.  Talk in real time with fellow scrollers about the hobby we love.  The chat room is open 24/7 with a scheduled chat every Thursday at 7pm MST.  Once a month, we’ll pick a topic or invite a special guest to host a Q&A session.  For those […]

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