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Stock.xchg Free Stock Photography

tigerLast week, I wrote an article about Copyright Free Photos.  Well, I’ve got another great resource for you. Stock.xchg has a huge collection of free photographs available to publishers. With over 350,000 photographs from 30,000 photographers, you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding the right picture for your next pattern. If you create free account, you’ll be able to add photographs to your light box (a photo bookmarking tool) for future reference. You’ll also have access to blogs, tutorials, and a forum. This is an amazing resource, so be sure to bookmark it.

I’ll warn you, though. There is a trick to using this website. Stock.xchg is a website brought to you by StockXpert, a paid stock photography service. When you do a search in Stock.xchg, you’ll get some results at the top of the screen (usually one line of photos labeled as “Premium”). These are photos from StockXpert and require a fee to use. Below this section, you’ll see your results. These are the free images you can use. Stock.xchg and StockXpert uses the same design and layout, so keep an eye on the URL to make sure you’re in the right area. Also note that some photographers may have restrictions, usually to be notified where and when their photo is being used. Be sure to read the license before using any of the pictures. Have fun!

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Copyright Free Photos

lionessOften, as pattern designers, we’re always on the lookout for photographs to create patterns from.  Unfortunately, this can be a sticky situation when using someone else’s photographs.  Unless you were given explicit permission to use a photographer’s picture,  you may be in violation of copyright law.  But before you throw in your pattern-making hat, there is a solution.    There is an emergence of public domain and copyright free photo websites springing up. is one of them that has a nice collection of photographs available for public use. Their collection is organized into categories for easy browsing, and the picture quality is quite good. They have a number of subjects from wildlife to castles. So there’s certainly a little something for everybody!  Check it out!

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WP Clipart

Image from WP Clipart

Finding free clip art for our patterns can be tricky at best.  Most clipart sites require monthly memberships or expensive bundled downloads.  Even then, the clipart may not be royalty free.  Thanks to a reader’s suggestion, I became aware of WP Clipart, a website that specializes in public domain clipart.  Their entire collection is available for  free downloading.  At tht time of this writing, they have over 25,000 images in their achives.  Their images are catagorized with easy thumbnail viewing.  They offer lossless PNG format as well as JPG, so you can easily import it into your favorite graphics program.  Check it out!  I look forward to  your next scroll saw pattern!

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Ready-to-Use Humorous Halloween Illustrations

I thought I’d stay on the Halloween theme this week. So to kick things off, this week’s Book of the Week is Ready-to-Use Humorous Halloween Illustrations from Dover Clipart. I really like Dover clipart because they are all royalty free images and perfect for designing some of your own patterns. Often, the clipart is in black and white, which really makes it easy to adapt for the scroll saw. If you’re pattern maker, or an aspiring pattern maker, check out the clipart that Dover offers. There are so many possibilities, you won’t know where to begin. Would you like a few free samples from Dover clipart? Check out this article I wrote last February.

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Dover Clip Art Samples

Its hard to find good free clip art on the internet. The websites that have good clip art want to charge an arm and a leg to use their clip art. Even then, you are only buying limited rights to use them. I think that’s why I really like the books from Dover Publications. They publish clip art books on every imaginable subject. Their images are royalty free, which means you can use them for whatever purpose you wish. You can find Dover books in almost any bookstore next to the art section. Many times, they come with a CD ROM so you don’t have to spend all of your time scanning in the pictures.

Wanna try before you buy? Well you can. Dover offers free samples delivered to your email box every week. They’ll send you a link where you can download a bunch of samples from a variety of books. The samples change weekly, so you’ll always have new stuff to look at and perhaps spark an idea or two. You can sign up here.

If you’d like to purchase a few of these books, take a look at our webstore. You’ll find great deals and any purchases help support SSG. You can find our Dover clipart books here.

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