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Inkscape Class – Make Your Own Patterns

inkscapeWant to learn to make your own scroll saw patterns?  With the success of the GIMP class on making scroll saw portrait patterns, we’re turning our attention to Inkscape.  Beginning next Teusday (Sept. 1st) we’ll be holding a 4 week course on how to use Inkscape to create your own scroll saw patterns.  Lessons will be released on Tuesdays and Thursdays .  Each lesson will include video tutorials, written instruction, downloadable source materials, and classroom discussions where you can get your questions answered.  The class will be held in the Village University forum at Scroll Saw Village.  The first 6 lessons, we’ll cover the fundamentals of using this amazing (and free) program.  The last two lessons, we’ll create two projects; a potpourri/trinket box and a desk clock.  The class and program is free.  So be sure to join us at Scroll Saw Village.  See you there!

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Crescent Wooden Gear Clock

Here’s a treat for you clock makers out there. Jeff from has a new design called the Crescent. This asymmetrical design will certainly make a statement and impress friends and family alike. You can purchase these plans and build it from scratch, using your own choice of woods and finish. Or you can buy a pre-cut kit that comes with everything you need to complete this unique clock. Check it out. And while you are there, be sure to check out his other clock patterns. He has some really great stuff!

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Brian Law's Wooden Clocks

A while back, I wrote about wooden gear clocks and listed several sources for patterns. Well, now that you have your first clock done, check out Brian Law’s clock plans. He has 4 clocks to choose from. Best of all, they’re free! Yup, you heard right! I’m not sure if I’d call them patterns, however. They’re more along the lines of blueprints. They are rather technical and probably best suited to a more advanced clockmaker. So if you have a head for math and engineering, these are right up your alley. The plans are downloadable in PDF format for easy printing. His website also includes construction info, exploded drawings, and other information related to clock making.

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The Ascent – A Wooden Clock Kit

Last post, I talked about Adrian Iredale’s video on how he makes wooden gear clocks. It is pretty inspiring and he makes it look a little less intimidating. But, maybe you’re not quite ready to jump into the deep end just yet.

Jim Bumgardner of has written about his experience making a wooden gear clock. He isn’t a woodworker. In fact he has very little woodworking experience. But he was curious about how clocks work, so he ordered the Ascent clock kit from Granted, the gears were all precut, but that shouldn’t matter too much. As scrollers, we know how to cut. Its the precise assembly that seems overwhelming. But Jim was able to put together the kit with little trouble. You can read about his experiences here. Its pretty interesting and he gives a little writeup about how the clock works. Check it out!

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So You Want to Make a Wooden Clock?

One of my Holy Grail projects is to make a wooden clock. I think I would have a real sense of accomplishment. It would be a great way to show off your skill and impress your friends. Besides, they look really cool. Adrian Iredale has a bunch of videos on YouTube that show off the clocks he has made. He also put together a great video on how he goes about making his clocks. After seeing him make a clock, it seems a little less intimidating. Perhaps I might take a crack at clock making a little sooner than I thought. You can check out the rest of his videos here. You can see his clocks in action. You can also visit his website and purchase plans for many of these clocks.

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