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Half ‘n Half Word Art

I got an email from someone who wanted to create a wordart pattern where half of the word is cut out, and the other half is not. This is a really neat technique that is surprisingly easy to accomplish. So I thought I’d put together a quick tutorial and show you how to make one of these neat designs in Inkscape. Enjoy the show!!


Design Instructions:


First, we must start with the bottom half of our design. Here, I draw a pink rectangle. I use off the wall colors, mostly so I can see what’s going on.

halfnhalf_wordart_2Next, we type in our word. We can use any font. I’m choosing to use Times New Roman in bold. I resize the word so that the bottom half is in the box and the other half is above. You can resize the bottom box to accommodate the words.

halfnhalf_wordart_3 Duplicate the box (Ctrl+D). This will make a copy on the top. I changed the color to turquoise so I can see what I’m working with.

halfnhalf_wordart_4 Select the new box and the text, then go to Path>Exclusion.

halfnhalf_wordart_5This will create the effect where the top part is the lettering and the bottom part has the lettering cut out. Now we need to create a bridge so the top part doesn’t fall from the bottom part when we cut it on the scroll saw.

halfnhalf_wordart_6Send your newly created object to the back (Object>Lower to Bottom or by clicking the End key). The pink box will now be in the foreground.

halfnhalf_wordart_7Now it’s time to add the bridge. Select the pink box. Right click a color (I used Green) and select Set Stroke. This will add a green outline around the box. Click the red X in the color bar at the far left. This will remove the fill. Now you should be able to see through the box and only see the green outline. Change the thickness of the stroke to something that looks nice. You can do that by right-clicking the number next to the stroke color (lower left corner).

halfnhalf_wordart_8Once you get the stroke to the thickness you want, go to Path>Stroke To Path. This will turn the stroke into an object.

Then select both the green square and your text object and go to Path>Union. This will weld the two objects together.

halfnhalf_wordart_coverNow you have a Half & Half pattern, ready for scrolling!

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