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DIY Scroll Saw

Short on cash, but still need a scroll saw?  Build your own!  Kurt built his own scroll saw based loosely on a Roy Underhill design.  He documented each step in an Instuctables tutorial.  Even if you don’t build your own scroll saw, it is really neat to see how to put one together.  You’ll definitely come out understanding the mechanics behind this simple tool.  Check it out!

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Pimp My DeWalt 788

dewalt01You just bought a new saw.  For most people, right out of the box is just fine.  But for others, modification is a must. James Riser added a few bells and whistles to his new DeWalt 788. He shows you how he waxes his table to prevent rusting, adding wheels to his stand to make it a bit more maneuverable, added a cutoff bin and finally, an automatic arm lift. Each of these modifications are easy to make. Perhaps you’ll find a modification that you can’t live without!  Check it out!

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Scroll Saw Made From A Toy

scrollsaw_toyRemember those old Erector sets you had as a kid?  You would take bits of pseudo angle iron and aluminum strips and  bolt them together to create some really cool structures.  I built mostly robots and airplanes.  Well, here’s a scroll saw created using a Czech product similar to the Erector Set called Merkur. The builder,  Tobias, writes he made the majority of the scroll saw using Merkur and added a motor to power the saw.  Looks pretty good to me!  So if your scroll saw ever breaks down, dig out your old Erector set and build your own!

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Scroll Saw/Lathe Wonder Tool

I love my scroll saw, but there are other tools on my wish list too.  Like a lathe!  Wouldn’t that be fun?  It would be awesome if there was such a thing as a scroll saw/lathe combo.  Nah.  That’s just too good to be true.  Or is it? And if we make this wonder-tool ourselves, we can save the earth too!   Could it be possible?  Well, Roy Underhill can make it happen in his article Lathe from a Loft (Popular Woodworking, Oct 2000 issue). The Woodworking Magazine blog has made this article available in PDF format for easy printing and reading.  The article is a humourous approach to building this wonder-machine, but still includes detailed building instrucitons and photo illustrations.  Even if you don’t intend to build your own scroll saw/lathe combo, check it out.  Its a very entertaining read.

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Homemade Spray Booth

homemade-spray-boothMy wife hates it when I spray finish my projects indoors.  She doesn’t like the smell and she worries about what’s floating around in the air.  Most of the time, I have to wait for her to go shopping.  Then I bolt downstairs with my spray can in one hand and an arm full of projects in the other and hope the smell dissapears before she gets home.

It would be great if I could find a way to finish my projects indoors without anybody being the wiser?  If I only had a spray booth.   Well Paul Adamson from Military Modeling has a great tutorial on how to make a small spraybooth out of materials you can find off the shelf.  Best of all, its small enough to store out of sight when you don’t need it.  He includes a detailed description of the process, along with several photographs.  Check it out.  It might be the next tool you need in your arsonal (and keep you out of the doghouse too).

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Home Made Sanding Mop

Home Made Sanding MopThe price of tools and supplies can add up pretty quick.  Especially time saving tools such as sanding mops.  Steve from Scroll Saw Workshop has a great tutorial provided by one of his readers, Rick.  He provides step-by-step instructions on how to create your own sanding mop.  It looks Rick’s version of the sanding mop is designed for a lathe, but the concepts can easily be adapted to be used with a drill press.  Steve also gives a great demonstration video on how to use a commercial sanding mop.  You’ll soon realize its something you’ll want in your shop too!  Check it out!

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Wooden Scroll Saw

Imagine you’re at a craft fair, selling some of your creations. You’ll get some traffic, sure. But what if you brought your scroll saw with you and demonstrated your techniques. You’ll get a lot more traffic. But imagine pulling out a homemade, foot-powered scroll saw made with various hardwoods and polished to a high sheen. Think of the crowds! Even if you didn’t do craft fairs, it would still be really cool to have a scroll saw you created with your own two hands! Well, Michael Martin (aka Nailbender) has come to the rescue with this great set of plans to build your very own wooden scroll saw. You’ll end up with a showpiece that will draw a lot of oohs and ahs.

Michael offers these plans for free off his website. The plans are broken up into two PDF’s for easier downloading. He has plenty of instructions, diagrams and photos to make construction that much easier. Check it out. Very cool!

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