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Kat Cat Intarsia

Here’s a fun site for you intarsia artists out there. Kathy from Kat Cat Intarsia offers a number of great things on her website which really makes it interesting. First, and formost, she has several original patterns for sale that might interest you. But my favorite area is her Catalog. Here she is able so show off her work and skill. There’s nothing more inspirational than looking at another artist’s work. Perhaps it will even spark an idea or two for yourself! While you’re there, check out her quick history of intarsia and be sure to check out her workshop! She has provided a couple of great photos and a description about her work area. Fun website!

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Willy's Workshop

More shop pictures! I knew you’d be just as excited as I am! A while back, I wrote about Willy’s Woodcrafting Gallery. Well, if you didn’t notice, he also has some pictures of his workshop! Many of the pictures refer to his other obsessive hobby, wood turning. He has pictures of some of the jigs he has made, his dust collection system, and a bunch of tools he has in his shop. Very cool. Take a look.

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John and Sue's Workshop

The last post, I talked about Sue’s patterns. You probably noticed she also had some pictures of her workshop. If you haven’t had a chance to check them out, take a look. I know I love looking at workspaces of others. And this looks like a great work area to makes a little scroll sawn magic. Check it out!

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Shop Layout Tool

Your significant other surprised you this Christmas. They bought you every new tool you could imagine. And on top of that, they told you they no longer need to park in the garage because that is your space. What a dilema. This will take some serious organizing! Well, your shop layout is easy with this cool little Shop Layout program from Workbench Magazine. The program is completely web based, so there is no need to install anything (unless you don’t have flash player, but most web browsers have it preinstalled). Size up your workshop and then start dragging your tools over. Before you know it, you’ll have the feng shui of your workshop at its best! Give it a try.

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Workshop Tour

I’m always a sucker for looking at pictures of people’s workshops. Its nice to know what tools the people I admire use. It’s also fun to see how they work and how I can improve my own workshop. Steve Good over at Scroll Saw Workshop put together tour of his workshop in a 2 part video. He goes over the basic layout as well as the tools he uses to make his great projects. Maybe someday I’ll get a workshop like that. 😉 Anyway, check out Steve’s Scroll Saw Workshop.

Do you have pictures of your workshop? Or how about a video? Don’t hold out on us. Send them my way and I’ll post them for all to see!

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