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Terms Of Use

Patterns sold by Scroll Saw Goodies are copyrighted and protected by federal law against unauthorized use. Scroll Saw Goodies grants purchaser the right to copy, enlarge, or reduce this pattern for the creation of finished projects for personal use, gifts, or to be sold craft shows, shops, or online stores. These designs cannot be reproduced by using computerized machinery (CNC) or other automated systems. Production cutting is limited to 500 finished items from a single pattern. Scroll Saw Goodies does not grant any person or business the right to reproduce in any form for distribution, published, traded, sold or given away in whole or as a part of a collection without prior written consent. The patterns may not be displayed in any form where they can be downloaded by others; including, but not limited to, blogs, forums, file sharing services, and social media.

If you have any questions or concerns about the Conditions Of Use, please contact me.